Monday, November 14, 2005

Too many kaki

I had a quiet weekend for the first time in well over a month, probably nearer two months. Predictably, by the end of it, I was feeling lonely and bored, but I reckon the down time has done me a world of good. Here is my weekend in bullet form, as there is nothing hugely interesting to write prose about:

1) Sat in on Friday with beer and the films 'Volcano'- a literally steaming pile of Hollywood cak, perfect for mindless Friday entertainment-, and 'Carlito's Way'- one of my favourite films, but I saw it not so long ago, so it wasn't quite as breathtaking as usual.

2) Woke up at noon on Saturday. Did some chores, studied a very little, go bored.

3) Spent Saturday night with more films: 'Devil's Advocate' (going through an Al Pacino phase) and 'Death to Smoochy' which is superb, can't understand why it failed at the cinema.

4) Woke up at 7.30am on Sunday to go and spend 3.5 hours in my freezing gym, watching the PTA playing volleyball. As anyone who knows me already knows, I loathe PTAs. So I was not overly happy to have to spend time on Sunday pretending to want to be there. God, was it cold.

5) Went to the onsen to warm up after this, followed by a steaming bowl of udon. Then went home and slept for a good long time. Was woken up by Kocho-sensei's wife, summoning me to their house in order to give me kaki (persimmon) from their tree. I have so many of these damn things now, all sat in my kitchen, and not a single idea of what to do with them. Maybe kaki-shoyu, or kaki salsa, or kaki pie? Hmm, no oven with which to make said pie.

6) Had a quiet Sunday evening, did some AJET work, and by this time, was ready to start the new week, and see people again.

Today, I've had no classes, no-one is really online to talk to, so I'm still feeling somewhat lonely, but that's ok. Monday is busy for most people apart from me! I did have my ass slapped by a third year girl. She's a shocker. I ran away from her clutching my backside, feeling violated.

Tomorrow, we have the big demonstration class for the people from the prefectural board of education. Not overly worried, but would still prefer not to have to do it!

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