Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Iceland Airwaves

This last couple of months, as I've already commented on, I have been in this sort of musical dreamland. The music I've ripped from people (mainly Nate) has enlarge my collection something ridiculous, and I haven't listened to half the stuff I have yet.

The JETs in Tokkers are a musical bunch, we have a whole spectrum of taste represented here, everything from Classical to gangsta rap and all the stuff in between. From time to time, you get a musical tip-off from a fellow JET about a music website, and you're done for: download orgy, and things like JLPTs and AJET report writing get thrown out the window. The last time this happened was when Mat posted about and I spent many a happy hour browsing the amazing collection of free MP3s they have there.

Today's tip came from Beej, who I will admit, isn't really on my wavelength when it comes to music. But he is serious about it, and any musical tip from Beej should be followed up on. He recommended which is more of a links site to MP3 blogs. And my, what a resource. It's amazing what and who you can find on the net by following link after link.

One of the best finds today was a playlist of some acts at this year's Iceland Airwaves festival. I think Scandinavia has some of the most innovative music around, and I always like to hear more. So I was pretty psyched when I found this playlist just waiting to be downloaded. Haven't taken all of it, but if I like the stuff I have taken, I'll go back for more.

I also found a really great photographer, who turns out to be this 18 year old kid somewhere in the US. His work is really edgy, and beautiful without being sentimental. Check him out here. When I go home, I'm going to do the courses at Stills and get back into it.

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