Monday, November 28, 2005


Man. I have the sneezes goodstyle today. I thank Dave for that. He was sniffing and sneezing all over the place this weekend, and I think his allergies (for that's what it is, not a cold) have rubbed off on me. Or maybe, just maybe, it's because he sneezed all over me in the middle of the night on Saturday. Forgot I was lying beside his bed, and sneezed in my general direction. Nice.

It's cold here today. Nothing like the cold at home, I gather, but cold enough for me to wish the kerosene stoves were on at school. I spent the weekend being quite productive: was in the city on Saturday to try to finish my Chrsitmas shopping (HA! What DOES one buy one's grandfather?!), and then spent the evening at Dave's doing AJET work, while Dave went out to an enkai.

On Sunday, we were up early doors to go and play touch rugby on nearby Awaji Island. I have to admit, rugby was the last thing I felt like doing on Sunday. No real reason, I just didn't have much 'get up and go'. The day, it seemed, was fine enough, and I spent a nice lazy first hour rolling around on the grassy (albeit DEAD grass) field in the sun. Then we had a nice thunderstorm and some freezing rain to remind us that it was indeed late Novemeber, and we were indeed right beside the sea. Brr. All in all, though, I really enjoyed the running around. Didn't score, but I got a couple of decent runs in.

After a good dinner at Masala's in the city (about the closest you'll get to a decent Indian in Tokushima) with Dave and GEOS manager Angela, it was time to board the train home.

This morning I spoke to Alice on messenger. It was so nice to 'speak' to her. I got a lot off my chest, and, as expected, Alice gave me bucketloads of support. Of course, it would have been better to do it in person, but that'll come in about three weeks. I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to going home. Not because it's home, but because of the people I'm going to see. I haven't seen Alice in a year, I saw Jil-sty for only a few hours in June, and I'm going to get to see Jane again. Sadly, I won't see my babies, Jo and Pernilla. That reunion will come in the summer.

On Thursday, the postie came to school with a parcel for me: turns out it was Jill's birthday present, sent to her in August, which I assumed was languishing in some Edinburgh-based Lost Post storage room. But no! The parcel travelled all the way to Tranent, floated around there for a while, looking for Stumpy, and then, when it couldn't find her, it came ALL the way back over here, in perfect condition! I am impressed. Now Jill will get a birthday present.

It's a beautiful day today: I don't think I've ever seen my mountains quite so aflame with autumnal colour. We've had a dry year this year, so it makes the colour that much more vivid. My house is a mess, it needs tidied. My head is a mess, that also needs tidied.

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