Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Off I Go

Wednesday morning, 9.30am (gosh, that could be a S&G song!). All I'm waiting for now is the closing ceremony to happen, and then, come 4pm, I'm OUTTA here. Meantime, I'm whiling away the last few hours by chatting to Jo on MSN, reading a book, and writing this. I just challenged Jo to write a haiku about the OED and TTP, comparing the two editors of each publication (James Murray and me). Should keep him occupied pretty much all day! How do you fit 'Oxford Engligh Dictionary' into haiku structure?! :)

Looking forward to going home, but also feeling strangely sad at leaving Japan, even if it's only for two weeks. I miss people terribly. I miss my family loads too. It'll be hard to leave them when I'm coing back. I'm in a odd mood.

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