Wednesday, January 19, 2005

January Blues

A whole month since my last post, not that anyone is reading any of these, but it's been a long time.

Home was.... not really home. My house was home, my family was home, Christmas was home, Edinburgh was NOT home. Shops I don't know, fashions I've never seen, music I've never heard. I've got a lot to do when I go back.

Which isn't for ages yet, as I'm about to sign on the dotted line for a third year out here. Ye gods.

But for now, I am bogged down in Team Taught Pizza despair. A good helping of I Simply Can't Be Arsed with a side of Have I Bitten Off More Than I Can Chew?, with I Wish It Was Finished for dessert. I look at it like this: any improvement to the last edition os a VAST improvement. Because it was not so good. and i know the team and I have made a lot of improvements. But I still have so much to do, and time is running out. I get flustered with myself when I'm asked to prepare lessons, or when I go to teach lessons, because it's taking me away from the book. But when I'm at my computer, I just think I'll do it later. I feel like I'm studying again. I won't be like this all the time. Things will improve again. This will be a great book.

It's also pretty damn cold here at the moment. It's not nice being so cold all the time, nor is it healthy. Still, I haven't been ill this season yet (wood), so maybe I'm more used to it now. I don't know, this whole term just has a feeling of routine to it, which is nice, because it means I can just get on and enjoy it, but it's also the first time I've felt this way in over a year, and I need to make sure it doesn't turn to boredom. You'd think TTP would guard against that... I'm sure it will, come the eleventh hour.

When the book is finally packed off to the printers, I will hopefully have a new project to get stuck into, in the shape of the AJET National Council. Yes, ladies and gents, I am throwing my hat in the ring for a second time, and putting my hand up for Block 8 rep. I was beaten to it last year by Greg, and was bitterly disappointed, so I hope it doesn't turn out that way agin this year. However, as my Dad says "You won't win it if you're not in it.". So I'll go for it and do my best. And if I lose...? I have a couple of other projects in mind to keep me going.

That all said, this weekend coming up is a biggie. Sarah's birthday night out in the Big Bad City on Friday. Very much looking forward to this, I'll see most of my closest friends, and I haven't actually seen anyone since I got back from Scotland yet. And on Saturday it's my Burns' Supper. That looks set to be a really good one.

I must dash, I have to write a book. Please send me some perky thoughts.

Love to you all!

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