Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ho Hum

I'm really pretty crap at keeping this thing up to date, aren't I? There's just so much to do. This is a quick update, since I have to scoot off to elementary school in a wee while...

Burns' Night: I think it was a success. Everyone seemed to have a good time, we had some cracking poems, NO HAGGIS (for shame), and lots of good conversations. Truly international it was aswell: Russian, Hindi, Irish Gaelic, Spanish, Japanese and of course English were all read out. I really enjoyed it, and we raised a fair bit of cash for the tsunami appeal as well.

TTP: Ah, 'tis getting there. I have about 2 months left to go, and really, it's just putting it all together now. I hope I can give AJET what they want.

AJET: oh yeah... I ran unopposed for the Block 8 job (representing Shikoku), so it looks like it's mine. Sweet. But TTP comes first before I start on that new project.

Friends: Having lots of fun at the moment with all of them. Playing touch rugby every Sunday, which I love, back to Awa Odori practice as of two weeks ago, seeing a lot of Kenji, which I'm enjoying, wish I was seeing more of Jenna, Dave, Jeff, Neil, Sarah, Heather and Dubs etc... but I see them pretty often, so it's ok. My mates in Mima-gun all seem to be doing well, though I see hardly anything of them - they are all involved in this year's musical, which I have kept away from. part of me wishes I was involved in all that madness again, but I think I'm enjoying not having it structuring my time like it did last year. I have the book for that.

Gosh, the only time I seem to be able to pull my finger out and write in this thing is when I'm just about to dash of somewhere. I want to write more, and say more of how I'm feeling (so many adjectives!), but I just don't have time. Maybe tomorrow???

One last thing... missing the ex. Not good. I'm just glad he changed his email addresses!


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