Monday, December 06, 2004

'Tis the season!

Christmas roles around again! Gosh, it's been such a quick year. Japan, unfortunately, isn't the best place to be to get into the Christmas spirit. They have it, oh yes, but it's even more commercialised over here than it is at home, if that's possible. Japan being totally secular (more or less), it's all about the big pink Christmas trees, the traditional carols translated into Japanese (scream) and shopping til you drop. I guess Christmas at home is getting like that too, but there's still a part of me that likes the idea of going to Watch Night Services on snowy Cristmas Eves, and remembering what it's really all about, even if that part of it plays such a small part in my celebration of Christmas. If I have the energy this year, after travelling around the globe, then I'll head to church on Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, things are getting mental out here in the run up to it all: orphanage Christmas visits, AJET Christmas parties, ALT carol tours, elementary Christmas party lessons etc. It's all good, I love being so busy, but part of me looks forward to January, when I can get stuck into some serious snowboarding without worrying that it's going to coincide with some big event. And of course, I am looking forward to Christmas at home with the family. Last year in Thailand was super, but it just doesn't feel right, drinking cocktails in a bikini on a Bounty ad beach on Christmas Day!!

This was a bit of a random post. I actually have some work to do for the book, need to post files off to my Japanese proof readers. I'll post again soon.

Warmest wishes of the season to you all!

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