Friday, December 17, 2004


Oooh, it's coming closer! I'm sooo ready for a break now. Mum keeps emailing me, telling me how much she's looking forward to seeing me, and it's the same here.

However, it's not here yet, so it's business as usual. Had a great lesson today with one of my favourite classes in my favourite elemeentary school. We made paper snowflakes out of origami paper, and it was lovely. The kids got into it, and it kept them relatively quiet, and the teacher, the mother of one of my JHS girls, looked just as relaxed. I love these kids, they make me so happy.

I also got some work back from various people for the book. Always a relief to see things arrive in my mailbox, but it also means I have to sit down and sort it all out. However, I wouldn't be without my project this year, no way! Vivi, a good friend who lives in Tokushima city, designed a new website for the book : check it out at My photo is a bit stern looking, but someone commented that I looked "svelte" in it, so the sterness can stay! Next year will be pretty rushed, trying to get it all finished off. I'm happy to say that the English editing is (mostly) finished, so in the new year, it'll mostly be making the book look ass-spankingly good.

This weekend is one for getting ready: the flat is just awful at the moment, so I'll be tidying, cleaning, packing, planning. All my hotels, buses etc are booked. Now it's just getting there. I was going to write a fair bit in this post, but now I can't be bothered. Blah. Sorry to have wasted your time. Friday afternoon lethargy...

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