Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Final Countdown...

Yes, laydeez and gents, this time next week, I will be sitting on the express train to Tokushima city, on my way to Osaka airport to fly home. I'm really looking forward to it: I'm ready for a break. This term has been great: fast, busy, sometimes stressful, always fun. I've loved every minute of it, but it's high time I found myself surrounded by my family and all things familiar again. Mum's even managed to source some morello cherries for her excellent chocolate trifle! Can't wait, although I think I'll need to do some exercise when I come off to work of the millions of calories the trifle contains.

That shouldn't be too hard, however. When I arrive back in Japan, I have three days to recover from the 36 hour flight before being plunged headlong into the final term of the school year. The first weekend then sees me heading to a ski resort on Honshu called Mizuho, near Hiroshima, for a weekend of skiing with some friends from my tennis club. Can't wait!

For the most part, things have quietened down around Tokushima for Christmas. We had two big parties last weekend, one for my friend Stpeh's birthday, and the other a Christmas party for all the ALTs in the ken. Both were a lot of fun in their own way. I think I like living out in inaka: I couldn't handle weekends like the last every single weekend, but when I do go for a big one, I enjoy it all the more for it not being a regular occurence.

Well, look at the time. I should go. I will probably update more later this week, when ,y holiday is tantalisingly within reach, but still in the future! Til then, stay warm!

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