Thursday, August 24, 2006

On Being Back Part 1

So I've been back a few days now. Primary reflections of an alien in her own home:

Firstly, this is NOT my home. I am in Roslin (yeah, that place from The Da Vinci Code) at my parents house, which is simply cavernous. Except the folks aren't here. They're in Canada, and I am here with the sweet, batty grandparents. I haven't LIVED here for six years. my room is exactely the way it was when I graduated high school (all suns and moons, Kurt Cobain posters, wind shimes and fairy lights). It's sort of depressing, but sort of comforting. Sort of like returning to the womb.

I went for a walk yesterday in Roslin, and for the first time that I can recall, I didn't see a single person I knew. Where did everyone go? I guess Roslin is an attractive suburb, with good local schools, and has seen an influx of new families. The Chapel is simply crawling with tourists, and there is a big new car park on Crawford's field where we used to go sledging in winter. Sad. Interesting. Progressive.

In doing my washing, it never fails to delight me to see my clothes come out CLEAN, not covered in lint, and smelling nice.

I went to Fopp in Cockburn Street (pronounced Co-burn for all you non-Edinburghites) the other day, and was immediatley transpoted into paroxysms of delight at the sight of all the new non-Jpop music... all sorts of stuff that I wanna share with people everywhere. Some special people are gonna be gettin' some special CDs through the mail in the future.

It is light here until a ridiculous hour at night, meaning I think the night is still young, when it is, in fact, 10pm. Nuts.

I went to Boots today and was BOWLED OVER at the cosmetics on offer. I mean.. where am I supposed to start? I guess it was the same in Japan, but I could easily ignore most of it, given I couldn't understand the packaging. But today, I found myself puzzling over blackhead prevention facial scrub, and deep-down daily facial scrub. Whatever happened to a simple scrub? I went for the daily stuff. Also, I love how in Japan the body lotions have whitener in them, and the ones here have bronzer in them!

I have been pouring over cookery books, planning my first assault on the kitchen. I am ITCHING to do some cooking again.

I saw some cows today and was all sorts of happy over seeing them. They just aren't seen in my part of Japan. These were beautiful big balck and white beasts with soft brown eyes, in a GRASSY field. Divine.

Amyway... just some random observations.

Snow Patrol with Kirsty tomorrow. Lunch with Jill on Saturday. Sex and the City day on Sunday. Glasgow to meet Jane and visit Perny on Monday. Excitement. Miss having a bloke friend on hand...

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