Thursday, July 20, 2006

School's out for summer!

Yup, that is it. The last farewell speech. The last bunch of flowers (I hope!). Probably not the last tears cried, but hopefully close.

I won't dwell on it all here. It's in my head for now, and I haven't the energy to regurgitate it all yet. I have my final teacher's enkai tonight, which I hope will be a blast, then on holiday for a week, then back for a final few days to sort out the desk and other loose ends, then I am done.

People are away already. Andy left last Friday. Stu on Monday there. Such a strange feeling.

Today, I applied for a job. Eek! As an academic adviser with the Uni of Edinburgh! Sounds right up my street, but the interviews will be held August 7th, and I'm not going to be around for that. So the hope is that I've sold myself well enough to presuade them to wait for me.

Also done some kanji study today.

I haven't much else to write for now. I have the music issue of Nylon magazine, and it's full of cool-sounding new bands. So now I'm going to look for some free MP3s online.

It's raining like a mofo.

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