Thursday, July 06, 2006


It's been a while since my last post. Why? Don't know. Just haven't felt like writing, I suppose.

My body hates me for constantly putting it in harms way. I am afflicted with all manner of little ills at the moment, all combining to exhaust me and worry me. I'm sure none of them are at all serious, but it's just a crappy time for me to be feeling ill, when I should be feeling super-healthy and happy. Meh.

James sent me a book to read which he translated from French. He's such a clever-clogs, he is! It's a history of France in the 17th century, but related from the standpoint that women, love and sex were major reasons for some of that period's most important events. It's funny and informative, and while I'm not sure how respected the work is in historic circles, it does give a good outline of the events which shaped France.

This weekend is the Sayonara Party. Wow. But we are expecting a typhoon. And we're supposed to be camping. Damn.

Last weekend was the Taj Ultimate Frisbee tourny which, if I had been feeling 100%, and if I'd had more than 30mins sleep on Friday night, would have rocked my socks. Lets say it rocked one sock. The other was concerned with ongoing stomach trouble after taking antibiotics for impetigo, coping with gnat bites (OW!), and trying to stay alert enough to catch the frisbee. The sock didn't do so well, and I played for peanuts.

I am dreaming of.... sandwiches from Bar Italia, shopping in Newington, going to the Cameo on rainy Friday nights, doctors who speak English, trying out new recipes, feeling healthy.

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Rona Conafray said...

Hi Ellie
I have been taking a look at all the great blogs being kept by Tokushima JETs, through the links on Smitha's blog. I hail from Edinburgh and was in Hanoura from 1998-2000. I hope you enjoy your return to the Cameo, Bar Italia and shopping in Newington V. soon! Perhaps we will meet through Scotland JETAA when you return. Have a blast at your Sayonara party.