Monday, April 24, 2006


Mmmm, it's so delicious to have a weekend in sometime, all to myself. Almost all.

I started off on Friday by ordering a massive pizza (what was I THINKING?!), and then hitting the onsen with Nate and The Deer. The they came back to my house, and we played poker. The aces were LOVING me that night, and I had some great hands, much to the frustration of the boys (Nacho eventually giving in and calling me a bitch). Jordan crashed and burned after a while, I had all his money, but he insisted he wanted to watch me and Nate (play cards!). So we had some intenese one-on-one (poker!). The outcome was that all the money I took from Jordan, I gave to Nate, and lost about Y150 of my own. Not bad. If I had stopped along with The Deer, I would have been well up.

On Saturday, I met Jordan and Saori for lunch, before raiding the Kings Road, and then walking home from Mikamo in the pouring rain. I had my Walkman on, playing the Prodigy LOUD, and had a lovely hour to myself. Hmm, but my knee hurts like a bitch, not sure what's wrong with it. That happens when I walk a lot, I can feel things grinding, it's not good.

The films I rented this weekend were as follows:
Ocean's 12
Before Sunset

With the exception of the first one, all of these films had to do with relationships in some way (not that I am totally in need of living vicariously through films, it just sort of happened that way). Hitch was total Hollywood fluff, and made me laugh. Good film. Closer just made me sad and unhopeful, and made me wonder why anyone would get into a relationship that could get as destructive as that. But I guess you don't know it's going to get destructive. it made me think twice about wanting a relationship, though. Then Before Sunset is sort of a bridge between the two. It's a beautiful film, I love it, it has an unsatsifying ending, that is a sort of test as to whether you're a cynic or a romantic (die-hard romantic here!), but it went some way to repairing the damage done by Closer.

I dunno... I always thought of myself as someone who is really self-reliant, I like to think that I'll always be able to make my way by myself. And I think I will. But I need people around me, and I need to be able to trust them. Closer is a representation of relationship hell. It's bleak. It's a well-made film, but it really made me sad. People say that life is never like the films. Let's hope not.

Lindsay left us on Friday morning. She was a bit messy, I hear. I will be too. Now we have Chalice. Interesting gal. She's a hit with the gunnies already. She'll fit right in. But we misses Lindsay! You hear that?! We do, y'know! Send us a postcard from Togo!

This week, I am... rested. I am busy. I am scared about returning home, it's something that I think about on a daily basis. While I am relishing the thought of a new job, I fall to pieces at the thought of the goodbyes I'll have to make. Mm. AJET is in high gear. I cannot wait to get shot of that whole thing. I have to start packing up the house. Jillsty touch down in a week. Holy crap!

Gotta go. Love to you!

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