Friday, April 28, 2006

How Green Is My Valley

Wow, barely one month ago, Mum and Dad were here. It was the height of the sakura season, but the mountains were still a very wintry, dead shade of brown. Now, 4 weeks later, and the trees have burst into life, covering the slopes with more shades of green than I can count. Bee-yoo-tee-ful! It's so fresh and full of life, and makes me feel really optimistic.

It's been a busy wee week here in Tokkers. Report writing galore has gone on. I've been emotional, Nate and I had fun falling out online, I've played more poker, I've taught classes. I am really tired, but I feel like I'm at least doing stuff. Dave was at Jordan's on Wednesday night, it's so lovely to be able to see him through the week again! He beat me at poker though...

Have been getting on really well with Noda-sensei now... I think that he is now my preferred team-teacher. I don't know, he and Tame-chan are both so different, but I feel like both me and the kids get out of the lessons I teach with Noda.

Right now, the senseis are at the annual gun teacher meeting, and I am hanging at school with Usuki-san (who just did a major operation on my crappy bike), and Hori-san. I am listening to Radio 1 from home online, not knowing any of the music they are playing, and waiting til 4pm, when I can go home, walk in the sun, and wait for the lads to come round for.... more poker. Sorry Mummy!

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