Monday, March 06, 2006

Peter Pan: 2 down, 3 to go.

I am pretty beat today. It has been a busy and very fun weekend. This week, I have not one single class at the JHS, but I'm hoping I have a full quota of three elementary classes to keep me from going totally mad.

I had been pestering people to do something on Friday night, and it looked like some of us would be in for more karaoke, but it was not to be. So I left school Friday afternoon with the prosepect of spending the evening alone, which I HATE doing on a Friday. Found myself in the freezer section of the local (tiny) supermarket, seeing nothing I wanted to eat worthy of a Friday night, and felt sooo depressed. Not a major depression just a "aww man, it's FRIDAY, why the freak doesn't Nate want to go boarding? Why is Julie sick? Why does this supermarket not stock pizza?!". Wound my way home, tidied the hovel a bit, and ate my frozen ebi-gratin type thing.

Was watching the superb "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrells" when Dave called to say he'd be round in an hour. Yeah! Company! Spent the latter part of the evening drinking cheap wine, talking on the phone with our friend Linda, and generally having a good Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday saw me out in eastern part of Tokushima prefecture for the first two shows of the AJET musical. This year, we had chosen to perform 'Peter Pan', tweaking the story slightly so that it was relevant in some way to Japan. For example, the crocodile was replaced by a giant mukade (poisonous centipede). The shows themselves seemed to go really well, with minimal screw-ups (though we did have two people falling off the stage on Sunday!). It's a gruelling three weeks of perfomances. I will be missing next week's Saturday show, due to my school's graduation, which I'm sad about, but this is a special graduation.

I spent Saturday night at Amber's house, along with Bessie, Julia and Nikki, a friend of Amber's from Kobe. We had a relaxing night eating pizza (steer clear of Pizza Hut's Salmon Grande, or whatever it's called. Yuk!), drinking some drinks, and chilling out. I love hanging out with Bessie. She's totally laid back, and I always feel like it's summer when she's around... I have no idea why, I think it has something to do with her habit of wearing a sarong and sandals in winter, and with the reggae-type beats that are always blasting from her car! :)

So today, I am sitting chatting to various people online, digesting and re-living some nice events of the weekend in my head, and planning (always planning) the Holiday of the Parents. Feeling a bit sleepy too.... busy time of it!

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nathan said...

Yo Ellie, if every weekend is as good as this, how are you ever gonna leave Japan? You know, we were all up in Kyoto for a couple of days, and we totally missed ya. I hope the graduation was all good. Talk soon!