Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Typhoon Cometh. Not.

Maaan. We were supposed to get a 'super' typhoon this week. And the bugger has decided it doesn't like Shikoku and has veered off north-east. Damn. There's something about typhoons that I really like.

Although I had promised myself that I would simply enjoy Japan, and not worry about What Comes Next until October, it's pretty hard to do. Especially in the frame of mind I'm currently in (read: bored, homesick, getting a bit lonely). So I did some research, and apparently, I should become an archivist. Did some reading into what the job entails, and it sounds like the sort of thing I'd like doing. Connected to the academic world, but not overly.

I'm having daydreams of rainy afternoons in Edinburgh, sitting in the window of Black Medicine, one of my favourite coffee shops, with Pernilla and Jo, and talking about the world. Or going into the Dean Gallery to look at the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition that's on now. Or cooking up a storm in the kitchen for my friends. Homesickenss is a funny old thing.

It'll get better. I have AJET. I'm going to have the JLPT. Structure is good, keeps me from going totally mad. Who'd have thought it: me liking structure in my life.....

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Kirsty said...

Yes indeed it is Gerry but an old photo! Watched lost in translation at the weekend am soooo excited about coming to Japan!