Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Early parties

This coming Saturday I turn 24! Yikes! To celebrate, my eikaiwa class (my adult English conversation class) got together to throw me a small party last night. I'm always touched when they remember things like this, and when I arrived last night, I was met by a spread of sushi, fresh melon, fruit jellies, and some sort of weird but delicious youghurt-and-fruit-mousse-cake that dear Ito-san had made specially.

I hadn't seen them in some weeks due to being in Tokyo, so it was nice to sit around, chat, eat good food, and talk women's talk. Even though poor Miki-san, the sole male of the class, had turned up to wish me well! I read them their horoscopes from the Marie Claire, which they always get a kick out of, and all in all, it was a lovely way to spend a Tuesday night.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Tokushima in the afternoon to watch Dave dance in a show. I think, in Japanese, it's called 'The Night Before Festival', because Awa Odori proper starts on Friday. I may stay in the city on Thursday, and watch some dancing on Friday, before heading home for MY final dance practice that night. Saturday is a rest day for us, before we get stuck into dancing proper from Sunday to Tuesday. On Saturday, I'll once again be in the city. I have a ticket for seats to watch official Awa Odori parades, so I'm pretty excited. But I know that once I see them all come dancing down the street in front of me, I'll want to be doing it not watching it!

The summer is dragging by, and I really should get into studying. I just have no willpower. I'm so bad.

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