Thursday, August 04, 2005

And so it goes....

Well, at last I am back in my wee town. I arrived late last night, far too late to go to dance practice. I finally crashed out on my futon about 1am, after a beautiful long shower, and a good hunt around the apartment for any unwanted guests that may have moved in during my absence.

Walking home from the station in the dark (yes, WALKING, with my 15 kg pack, and 8kg hand luggage! No taxis.) , I was able to savour the smells and sounds of the countryside which my senses had been denied whilst in Tokyo. The rice is really coming away now, and there is a wonderfully heavy, moist quality to the air near the fields. It struck me as I walked, that two years ago, practically to the hour, I was howling for home in my new house. I had been left alone for my first night, my house was less than impressive, and I didn't have a clue where to start. Everything was scary. Now? How different! I recall stepping off the plane in Tokushima, and asking one of the sempais with us, who was going into his third year out here, if returning to Tokkers from Tokyo felt like coming home. He said that yeah, it sort of did. That's how I felt last night. I heard the frogs and semis, I smelt the rice, and it felt like home. It's a nice feeling.

At the same time, I realised that I now have less than one year left on the JET Programme, unless I decide to apply for any fourth year posts. Not sure about that yet. I think I'd like to be in Edinburgh for a while. But the thought of leaving here fills me with such apprehension. It's impossible for me to say at this stage where I'll be this time next year.

Now all the new JETs are safely ensconsed in their towns. I hope they are having fun. i look forward to getting to know them, but at the same time, it'll only be for a year. It's an odd feeling...

I've posted a couple of pictures. There's the Tokyo skyline, an image of Shibuya, an incredubly busy and youth-oriented part of Tokyo, and then three friends from the National Counci who went to climb Fuji in the few days between the Orientation conferences. These lads are really great. They all live on Kyuushuu, and I'm looking forward to visiting them sometime in the near future. However, Nate, in the middle, says "seriously" a lot. Now I do, too. Damn you, Nate!!

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