Friday, September 08, 2006

Still a Dangler at Heart

When I was living in Japan, I always used to get onto my friends and family for saying in their emails that "nothing was happening". Well... they were right. Nothing happens here. So to everyone who I lambasted for not writing me longer emails, I apologise. Life is empty and boring, you were right. ;)

Ok, I don't actually feel that terrible at all. There is plenty to write about, it's just not as obvious as it was in Japan, if you see what I mean.

The other day, David and I went to Alien Rock, our local (ish) climbing wall. I calculated that I hdn't been in about 4-5 years! I have to admit, I was a little nervous about clipping in that first time. What if I hadn't tied in properly? What if I had become a weak pansy who couldn't even pull herself up a grade 4? What if David had forgotten how to belay?! All my worries were, thankfully, unfounded. Tying a figure 8 is as easy now as it was then. I walked up the 4s and even some of the 4+s. David was up to his usual tricks, letting me abseil down to a few inches above the ground, then letting me dangle on the ATC til he felt like letting me down. It was a lot of fun, and although my out-of-condition forearms tired relatively quickly, I am eager to get back down there as soon as I can, and try to get myself up to, and then surpass, the level I climbed at years ago.

The job hunt is still going strong, but the waiting game is killer. My most exciting prospect at the moment is the post of Political and Economic Researcher at the Japanese consulate in Edinburgh. The salary hasn't been decided yet, and as it's not a very high-profile position, it'll likely be peanuts. However, I think I'd be willing to work for peanuts if it meant I could still have some sort of link to Japan. I really need to get something small to keep me going money wise. But the big jobs take such a long time to apply for, that by the time I'm done with those, I am really tired, and just want to have a cup of tea.

My boxes from Japan still haven't arrived. I think they probably have a week or so to go until I can start worrying though. There's nothing hugely important in them, but one does have my winter clothes, and the others contain all those gubbins that remind you of home: the pictures, the CDs, the books, the little wooden Buddha that Anya brought you from Cambodia, that used to act as poker button on Friday nights at your place. Sentimental stuff that you can look at and smile.

My state of mind is much improved, which is great. Being here still feels odd, uncomfortable and cold, but I have regular contact with most of the important people back east, and I feel confident in saying that, unless great big things happen, I won't be here for long. But you know... that consulate job, even if it is mule's work, could lead to good things. That could be the thing that kept me in Edinburgh longer than I am planning now.

Thanks Rona for that heads up, by the way! I emailed you from the JETAA site. Did you get it?


Rona said...

got your email Ellie. I replied on Sunday so hopefully you have it by now.

Julia said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know I stopped by. Hope that job for the Japanese consulate works out for you!