Thursday, January 12, 2006


So Joe, kind soul that he is, lent me his entire collection of 'Buffy' at the end of last year. He had seasns three to seven on DVD. I got into Buffy as a result of being forced to watch it in my first student flat. But I sort of got out of it again when I came here. I missed a lot.

Joe warned me that Buffy would start to rule my life. I laughed. He was right. I am now hooked on Buffy til I can get all the DVDs finished. A sad state of affairs indeed.

In other news... it's a beautiful day here in Miyoshi. The sun is shining, it's brass monkeys, kids are happy, teachers are overworked... aah! At the moment, I am enjoying listening to The Go! Team's 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike' album, which I just know Nate and Joe will love. I got some news from Dave the other day which made me really happy and excited (more later). People are looking forward to the Burns' night, and I simply can't wait. I hope it snows for it! Rinjii, bless her cotton tabi, got a job with the Peace Corps in Togo in Africa, and will be leaving our fair gun come June, I believe. Will miss her heaps. But a girl that works with Dad is interested in the job, so fingers crossed there.

This year is all about change, and while I normally abhorr change, cause it's not so often you're a huge part of it, I have no choice this year but to embrace it. I've no doubt that it will be bittersweet, but hopefully with more emphasis on the sweet.

Life is good, and it's so nice to sit down and write that.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the buffy. It will rule your life, as you've already found out. But it's worth it... gooood stuff there. I used to send joe annoying keitai mails when things got tense. But sometimes he lies, so be careful.