Thursday, December 08, 2005

Muppet Weekend

Ah, tough life this! I'm off to Tokyo tomorrow for an AJET/CLAIR/MEXT meeting. The Tokyo bit in itself is not the best: Tokyo's great, but it does begin to, well, grate after a while. But I AM pumped about seeing my fellow AJET Muppets. Specially those I spent the two crazy weeks with in Tokyo this summer. Good kids. Muppets cause a) I love them like you love the Muppets and b) cause we are in the middle of a big screw-up, and one might hold us responsible like you might hold Miss Piggy responsible for squishing Kermit. But it'll get sorted. I'm hoping to get in a game of poker with them over the weekend.

I've just been reading the Xanga blog of a friend who left this summer. I didn't know Joe very well, he came over the same time as me, but we always moved in different circles. But whenever I met him, he was such a nice guy, genuinley interested in what you had to say, and was just a really top bloke. Isn't it funny who you miss? He seems to be doing well at home. In fact, all the people I am in touch with who left last summer seem to be doing well! Heather landed a great job, and seems so happy and content, Sarah has a plan of action, Jane is working (and worrying) her socks off as per usual, Dubs has got a job relevant to Japan, and all the other people who left Japan are equally well-engaged, it seems. It's encouraging! There's hope yet!

Closer to home, we are still stuck in some autumn-winter black hole. It's cold as hell, it's been snowing, and yet the leaves are not leaving the trees (you can almost hear them sing "We shall not be moved"). Odd, but in a nice way. It's quite a beautiful transition.

Current music: An album by Ozo Matli, a Latin - Hip-hop fusion outfit. They are cool, and my favourite rapper, Tuna Fish from J5, does vocals. Think I'll copy this one for Tim, the sort of stuff he likes, I think. :)

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