Wednesday, December 14, 2005

AJET Superstars!

Four days in Tokyo really takes it out of you! But I had a good time, seeing all the AJET crew, some of whom I haven't seen since May. So much happened during the weekend, here are bullet form highlights, cause this entry would be ridiculously long otherwise:

- Waking up on Saturday morning to a view of the Tokyo skyscrapers, edged with trees still in beautiful autumnal colours was awesome.

- We found a great place for dinner on Saturday, Y2100 for tabe/nomihoudai (10 pounds all you can eat/drink). We could pour our own beer too! Tip: never let a Jamaican named Kevin pour you a beer: you'll end with with more head on it than if a Japaese person had poured it!

- Spent the later part of Saturday night fooling around in Nate and Michael's room. Nate is such a star, I wish he stayed closer to me! At one point, I took off my bra (under my jumper!), as the wire was digging in. Poor Michael didn't know where to look! Then Nate wrote PEN15 on my arm... I wanted to be cool, but I didn't realise til it was too late.... Oh well! It was Nate who wrote, and Nate is inherently cool, and he's my darling on the council, so it was ok. :)

-Spent much of Sunday asking various people where my bra was, which was amusing.

-Threw a fit on Sunday night over stupid accommodation arrangements, so we trooped across town to where Steve and Yih had stayed before. Not fun.

- Had to change accommodation AGAIN on Monday night, but at least this place had free porn, so me, Susan and Jamie spent a productive hour evaluating various performances.

-Christian decided to grace me with his presence on Monday night, the result being that I got NO sleep, as he snores like a mofo, and that the entire night was an exercise in balance, as Christian spread himself over the entire bed, granting me only a small space at the edge. Christian is a big bloke, kicking him to get him to move feels like, and has the result of, kicking a brick wall. The result being that I woke up feeling like I'd never even gone to bed.

- Gave good presentations for the CLAIR/MEXT folk, went out drinking with them afterwards, made lots of inroads, felt sad that so many JETs think CLAIR does dick for them. Simply isn't true! Some of the nicest, most hard-working people I've met in this country!

-Home last night to freezing temperatures and steady snowfall. Woke this morning missing my AJET buds, but looking forward to my trip home. And it's a snow day: no classes!

Pictures: Some of our crew, in no real order: Nate on the far left, Jamie, Froilan, me, Jessie, Mia, Kevin and Alex in the corner. Then Yih and Jamie strike some poses for us. Then there is a view from one of the windows on the 19th floor of Shinkasumigaseki, the buliding that houses CLAIR. You can JUST make out Fuji-san in the background. It's a very rare event indeed these days to see Fuji from smog-clogged Tokyo.


Anonymous said...

Wow - sounds like a very fun weekend! Makes me really miss the jet life.....

Ellie said...

Yeah, it was a good time, but really tiring! Those guys are the best. :)