Monday, October 17, 2005

Too sleepy

I feel so tired this morning. It's been a busy time of it this last week. The weekend was back to usual madness after a rest last weekend.

I went east on Friday night for a get together at a friend's house. It was a good time, nice to catch up with people that I haven't seen in a while.

Had a long lie on Saturday (having spent the night at another friend's house), then woke up and had the best breakfast ever. Scrambled eggs with peppers, onion, garlic, loads of Danish toast, fresh tomatoes, apples and juice. What a feast!

After that I went into the city for a haircut, and a spot of shopping: winter is on its way, and I need some new clothes badly. I got a couple of jumpers and some new underwear, so I was happy. Then I went for a haircut, before heading to Big Brothers', a local sandwich shop run by a couple of Americans who have been in the country for a long time. Good food, and there's always people there to talk to. As it happened, I was meeting my friend Kenji.

Saturday night was spent out on the town. One of the most popular (the most popular?) gaijin bars was closing it's doors. Mabuhay (better known as Ingrid's, for the name of the kind but crazy Phillipine owner) is the tiniest karaoke bar ever. The bar is only big enough for six seats, and there is only room to stand about 10 people after that. So patrons would regularly just stand behind the bar, and pour their own drinks, or hang out on the balocony. However, Ingrid has decided that she and her customers have outgrown Mabuhay, and so she is moving. I went along on Saturday to see the place for the last time. But it was so crowded, I didn't even try to get in amongst it. Dave came and joined me, we chatted to Ingrid for a bit, then bid the place farewell, and headed for a jazz bar a little way down the street. There we met some other JETs, had a drink, enjoyed some live jazz, and headed home at about 1am.

Sunday was by far the best day of the weekend! Up early doors to go and play in a local Touch Rugby competition. The fields we play on are down by the river, and on Saturday, it rained non-stop. The result was that we had to play on water-logged pitches on Sunday morning. We didn't so much as run around, as we did slip, slide and fall. By the time we were done (my team won), I was caked in mud, and I rather doubt my trainers or t-shirt will ever be the same again. Still it was a good time, and I enjoyed the exercise, fresh air, and after-match BBQ that we had.

But I wasn't done with physical activity yet! After the rugby, I headed north to Naruto for some Ultimate Frisbee. I had a great couple of hours in the company of about seven other JETs, throwing the 'bee around. We had a face paced game, that wasn't quite Ultimate because we were lacking in numbers, but it was still a proper 'scoring points' kind of thing that left us knackered but feeling very alive and invigorated.

Finally started the long drive home with Smitha and Nate about 5.30pm, stopping on the way for food, and a trip to Book-Off (second hand book/CD/game shop), where we all bought some cheap Y250 CDs, and then blasted our heads off all the way home to Japanese punk and Euro techno. All right.

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