Monday, October 24, 2005


Yeah, it's cold. It got very cold over the weekend, cold enough for me to turn on the space heater in my house. I think I had a grand total of three weeks without the need of aircon of any sort. Three damn weeks.

The weekend was pretty quiet, and truth be told, pretty murky. Lots of stuff happening that needs to be thought out and considered very carefully. Wishing that I was at home, or that at least I could SEE someone from home.

I did have a good time at a small-scale poker game on Friday (sorry Mum, but I think I deserved it!). I made a couple of good bluffs, and kept most of my money.

On Saturday, the weather was cold, grey and rainy, yet I had to cycle about 10km to a new private eikaiwa class. A mother and her two young kids. It was good, as far as eikiawas go, but there were many other things I could see myself doing on such a nasty afternoon.

On Sunday, it was the festival at the local onsen. I had a lovely time hanging out with the locals, watching some performances on stage, dancing myself, and playing with the kids. I haven't spent a day like that in a while, so it was nice. It cheered me up.

I haven't really a lot to say. Just lots to think about.

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