Monday, September 05, 2005

NOW the typhoon cometh!

Aww yeah, looks like it's heading straight for us! Hmm, maybe in the face of all the horrors currently taking place in New Orleans, my cheerfulness over the impending storm is misplaced. However, typhoons are, on average, somewhat weaker than hurricanes, and this part of Japan needs a day of heavy of rain like nothing else. I have a healthy respect for the weather, especially in a country like Japan, which is susceptible to all sorts of natural disasters. But at the same time, I love to marvel at the power of Mother Nature in a bad mood. Puts me in my place.

The weekend was pretty good, quite a quiet one. I had a great enkai (drinking/food feast) with the teachers on Friday night to celebrate the start of term. I came home with a tummy stuffed with excellent food, and a lot of beer and sake besides. I was in a mood to save the world, but alas! there was no-one around to talk strategy with. So I settled for terrorising Dave and Jenna by keitai email for a while, before sitting down to let Team America: World Police save the world in my stead.

Saturday was spent doing nothing, mostly. I did meet my friend Kanako for dinner, which was nice, as I haven't seen her in an age.

Sunday was a dancing day, and new Mikamo ALT Julie decided to come and watch. We were pretty rubbish, actually, but it was a good time nonetheless. Afterwards, Julie came back to mine, we were joined by Keiko, and had some dinner. I tested my new-found yaki-soba-making skills on the girls, and they were pretty impressed.

Watched the last installment of Lord of the Rings (great stuff!), a little F1, spoke to the parents briefly, and then fell asleep and dreamed of Aragorn.

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