Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On!

I have nothing to say. But much to share. Below are some of my favorite links on the web. Most are fun, some are just good websites. They are in no particular order. Lemme know what you think...
A site passed onto the local JET community by fellow ALT and fellow Blogger Matt 'Fletcher' Shettler. Loads of great free music downloads from bands that haven't sold their souls to Sony or Geffen or suchlike.
A site written by an ALT up in Kyoto. The stories are hilarious: I tend to take some of them with a pinch of salt, but they make great reading nonetheless.
Given to me by Jeff, this site allows you to create your own animations, and view the ones your friends did. So much fun!
A website full of funny animations and stuff. Really for adults. Check out the 'Office Friends' animation. Priceless!

The website of the crew up the road at Happy Raft, the company I semi-regularly raft the Yoshino River with.
A web site of three sister magazines, based here in Japan, I think. It covers street fashion from Japan and the rest of the world. Some great pictures, great clothes, and intersting looking people.
Website of an old photographer friend of mine: we both worked in Starbucks in the golden years, now he's back in his native Australia, doing what he does best: taking great pictures. Good for you, Rob!
The website of the Association of the Japan exchange and Teaching Programme, which I am doing work for this year.

I also like reading stuff like The Scotsman (for home news), the New York Times (it's a good international newspaper) and The Economist and Newsweek (just good, mostly non-biased views), but I won't link them from here, as they are pretty easy to find.

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