Sunday, May 13, 2007

Triumph of the Serbian Lesbians

Yes, last night it was time once again to bring out the scoresheets and leave behind normal standards of cultural acceptance as Europe errupted in a wave of bad taste: the Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

For those unitiated readers, Eurovision is gayer than Liberaci. Tackier than Anna Nicole Smith (God rest her poor soul). And more eagerly awaited in the United States of Europe than the football World Cup. Ok, maybe not, but you get the picture. Each country in Europe enters a group and song, and they perform it all in one night in a country in Europe (typically the winners of the previous year's tournament). Not having been around for it in a few years, I was psyched to head to Kirsty's last night for a Eurovision party. Well, yeah it was pretty shocking, and the members of the Dewar party were gobsmacked and indignant at Serbia winning, since we had judged them to one of the worst entries. Think a plump KD Lang, surrounded by femme (but scary) bitches, singing her broken heart to the world. Shudder. However, since I had awarded the most points to these horrors out of all guests at the party, I won me a mini bottle of champers, and a 'Bucks Fizz Greatest Hits' CD, Bucks Fizz having won Eurovision for Britain in years of yore. Really, the whole thing is a political 'scratch our back, we'll scratch yours' with bloc voting running amok. Pah!

Much further up the good taste scale is the German film 'Lives of Others' which I caught with Ms Dewar last weekend. It's about the moral dilemmas of an East German Stasi officer, assigned to spy on a couple of liberal, intellectual artists. Really great film, with a beautiful ending.

It's brass monkeys again though. The sun must have decided that it wore itself out in April, and has sulked off to another part of the world, leaving this miserable little island to bathe in drizzle and gloom.

I got wonderfully drunk at a party last Friday, and I think I may have insulted my new boss. I hope not. But if I did.... well, I shall act like I didn't.

I also had an awesome dream last night, where I was a bad-ass cop who shot a warehouse up, then drove away in Dave CC's old Honda Civic.

Currently listening to Gym Class Heroes.

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