Sunday, January 07, 2007

Working Girl

Happy New year! Hope yours was good. Me, I ended up at Rachel's impromptu house party in trendy Cockburn Street, after silly-bad weather called off the traditional street party celebrations in Edinburgh. It was a good time, I met lots of lovely people, though I really only knew Rach and her boyfriend Jake. I guess it was somewhat lonely, and I'd have given anything to see Joe suddenly appear and start dancing in his special Joe-style, or for Nate to come in with a pack of cards. But that notwithstanding, it was a jolly old time. Didn't last long though, was back in the flat by 1.30am listening to the rain outside.

However, 2007 should be interesting. I started my new job on Wednesday there. Hmm. It is mostly good, I think. The people in the office (I work with three others, another girl about my age, and two guys of 'family' age) are lovely and welcoming, and helpful as far as they can be. I am stoked to have people of all nationalities wandering in and out of the office to say hi, or ask me something. And I have suddenly inherited an address book with about 140 Edinburgh families in it, all of them keen hosts for our students, and all of them keen to chat and get to know me. It's daunting but nice. What is not nice is the prehistoric computer system we use. Holy crap, I can see there being computer-related defenestration issues on the horizon...

What is novel is getting up in the morning to put on business casual wear, hop on a bus with 50 other commuters, grab a coffee from Starbucks, and read the Guardian while I kill half an hour before 9am. I walk past the same church at the same time everyday (I know it's the same time, because the chimes always go off as I pass), I sit in the same seat in Starbucks, and before long, I'll be passing the same faces on Shandwick Place, as they make their way to their own places of work. Edinburgh is like that: a village where sooner or later, 'six degrees of seperation' doesn't seem so far-fetched.

After my first day on Wednesday, I walked out into full-on rush hour in downtown Edinburgh, and had 'New York Minute' by the Eagles playing in my head.

I like my job, but I'm not sure I am a 9-5 office girl at heart. This is for sure a road I am keen to explore in my professional life, but I'm also envious of Dave, about to move to Cairns to do some rafting work, and opening up his own business. For now though, a steady income and an ordered schedule will do me a world of good. Edinburgh still isn't sitting right with me, and it's partly because things were so crap for so long after I got back. My new job is going to do a lot to sort my head out, I think.

But today, I've been feeling kind of blue, and missing my old life. I wonder if I'll ever stop missing it, or at least stop missing it enought that it doesn't warrant a mention in this blog?

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