Monday, November 06, 2006

Low Winter Sun

Being relatively far north means that Edinburgh gets a small amount of almost painful daylight during the winter months. The sun struggles up over the horizon sometime between 7 and 8am, fights its way around the sky, then gives up the ghost and starts going to bed around 3pm. Sometimes it gets to me, other times, like today, it gives the whole area a very ethereal feel, and illuminates the colours of autumn in a beautiful way. It never feels quite like day, and there's a sense of flux, of nothing being permanent.

Today I spoke to Stu over messenger, and it was one of the nicest conversations. He has an unconscious knack, sometimes, of reminding me how much I miss him, and how much he meant (means?) to me. After we signed off, I was left with a peculiar sense of longing (for him? for company in general?). It wasn't entirely unpleasant.

I had an interview with Margaret Hodge recruitment today. It wasn't fruitful. Although it was the best experience of my life, I think JET is hindering me in my search for work. I must return to university. I need to make a choice between a teaching (fees paid, good salary, guarantee of a job, not really what I want to do) and another vocation (pay own fees, no guarantee of work, but chance of finding something I feel good about). Bear in mind that I want to leave Scotland. With a teaching degree, I could pretty much do that straight away. With another vocation, I'd have to probably get a couple years work experience under my belt first. The comments link is below, use it folks! I want to know what you think, if you happen to be reading.

Right now I'm listening to the new Faithless album on MySpace. I find Maxi's voice ever so comforting. It's a great album, I reckon you should go and buy it.

I am reading the famous (in the UK at least) Scotland Street novels by Alexander McColl Smith. They are pretty good, not too challenging yet.

After I am done with Faithless, I shall go downstairs and hang with my parents, and eat some oat, raspberry and white chocolate cookies.


Anonymous said...

You could teach, and you'd probably be good at it. But if you don't love it, don't do it. You have to really LOVE teaching for it to be actually satisfying, I feel. Spend the time and engery, and find something you really love - you're still young, and then you won't regret it later in life when you really wished you hadn't rushed into something. =)

Anonymous said...

Mate, know about BUNAC? Should try and see it if you are still thinking of traveling and doing something:

Didn't you once mention about wanting to be in Australia?

Me, I am in Korea a month after JET.

Lindsay - cousin said...

I think you should come to Canada, but then again I could be bias there! Would be an experience ... chance to get away from Scotland ... and you have family here. What better opportunity is there?

Heather said...

I second that - come to Canada!

joejoe said...

thirded, albeit a little late. Canada is good! Unless I go to the UK or something next year. In which case staying there is good.

Anonymous said...

Can you play chess? :)

- CC