Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All Things Go...

Hmm, there is SO much I need to be doing right now, and I really don't want to do any of it. I feel so disorganised and lethargic. I just want to be outside! I don't want to teach anymore! Only 6 weeks to go... scary, but kinda nice. I almost wish it was August 20th already, and then I would have had all the painful goodbyes, have packed up my house, have got my successor sorted out, and be ready. All this prep is no good for one's constitution!

What is good for one's constitution is spending a weekend in the mountains with a great person, soaking up the calm, and talking about farms in Australia. I spent this past weekend down in Hongawa with James, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was such a change of pace, and James is a very refreshing person to be around. I made a great curry, he made an even greater apple crumble, and I altogether wish I could spend more weekends like that... just kicking back and chewing the fat. He has a farm down in Oz... well, it's his parent's, but it'll probably become his. Not sure if I'll see James again this side of the planet, but I hope that I can visit him in Gippsland. I so wish we had met a lot earlier: it's an odd and not entirely comfortable feeling to think that someone might have been a great friend if only you'd had a bit of extra time to hang with them. I'm actually feeling this way about a lot of people I met recently: there simply isn't enough time, I guess!

I think I am going to skip dance practice tonight to do some cleaning, and try to sort some stuff out. I need to make a start, or I never will.

In other news, Christian down in Miyazaki is attempting, along with many other people, to break the record for the longest basketball game ever played. I think they're going for something mad like 60 hours. If it works, they'll get into the Guiness Book of Records! Go Christian!

I have nothing else for now, except that I am sat right underneath the aircon, and I'm cold.

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