Monday, May 29, 2006

Memento Mori

Well, maybe that's a little too dramatic of a title, but I certainly did get a reminder of my impending departure from Miyoshi. My successor's name. And only her name. They won't tell me anything else yet. Which is kind of ok with me. I just had a lovely weekend, and I'm not ready to gush details of my town to someone else quite yet. :)

Joe came round Friday night, and we cooked a superb pasta dish. I think it could have used more sauce, but it was yummy all the same. Then we watched The Crow, and I got a big natsukashii feeling in my tummy, and remembered how into all that Gothic crap I was. Before Gothic became cool. Good film. Glad I'm not 16 anymore. Who'd be that age? Seriously....

On Saturday, I bought Mika lunch then waded shin deep in the most glorious mud ever in order to plant a few, erm, plants? of rice. What does one call that? A sheaf of rice? A bunch of rice? I have no idea. Whatever. I planted a few, in bare feet, back all bent. The mud was the best feeling I've ever had between my toes. Hope that Japanese B Encephalytis vaccine still has some punch, though I suspect not... Then I went to an Awa Odori meeting, and didn't follow most of what was going on, but I have been neglecting the ren, I feel, so it was good I went. Things are just stupid crazy at the minute, and it's hard for me to get to all the practices.

Then I came home, and watched Bad Santa (so funny!), and Nate came knocking at my door needing a place to stay, so we chatted about our trip next week, and watched the film.

On Sunday, we got up at 11.30 (great sleep), and then I spent the day watching The Notebook (and cried unashamedly at it), and sleeping some more, and walking a bit, and watching it get dark from my balcony with a cold beer in my hand. It was a nice weekend spent in town, being quiet and not getting crazy. The next load of weekend will be far from that!


Anonymous said...

Yo Ellie! Did rice planting too a couple of weeks ago in Naruto. Yep! Bare feet and all! Did you feel anything wriggly as you stepped into the mud? I did. I didn't know what those were and I didn't care. :-D BTW, saw a poster of Yoshinogawa Oasis Awa Odori with you in it. Did you know about it? It is all over the train stations, I think. Well, I saw one in my town and another in another station I couldn't recall.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord, Ellie! I thought I'd stop in and see how JET was wrapping up for you and I find this crazy story. Glad to hear you came out of it relatively unscathed! love, amanda :)