Sunday, February 12, 2006


I had my first glimpse of the upcoming AJET Musical (Peter Pan) on Saturday there. It looks great! For all the stressing he's done over it, Joe is really bringing this thing together. it's mosr of a true musical than in previous years, with the actors actually bursting into song on occasion. I'm involved as the props manager, so it's important for me to get along to a few rehearsals to see how it's all fitting together. Nice work, crew!

Saturday night saw the first Minoda-ren practice of the new season. Predictably, hardly anyone showed up, but I really enjoyed myself. It feels like it's been ages since I last danced, and watching Dave at the kaikan last week (which was great!) really gave me a shot of enthusiasm to get stuck into it again. I hope Mum and Dad get to see a show when they come, though I'm not sure we'll be performing that early in the year...

On Sunday, me, Dave, and fellow Brit Nick all piled into Teralynn's car to make the drive to Ehime's Ishizuchi-san ski slope. It was an early rise, we were anticipating about 2.5 hours on the road, but it ended up being much quicker than that. Ishizuchi is Shikoku's highest mountain, but the ski gelende is still pretty short. Granted, it's bigger than the local slope at Kainayama, but still, but the end of the day, I felt like a yo-yo. That's not to say I didn't have a good time! On the contrary. The snow was in nice condition, the weather was pretty damn good, and the slopes, although short, were steep and fast, and of sufficient difficulty to make me think that I may have improved just a little when the day was over. And since I hadn't really seen Dave properly in a few weeks, it was nice to have a good chat. At one point, Dave got a bit over-excited about getting up the slope as quickly as possible, and took on the characteristics of a dog chasing a car as he tried to catch a ride on the chairlift. Nuff said, you had to be there!

Home in the early evening, with a splitting headache due to hitting my head on a fall. Didn't feel much like dinner , or moving, or breathing (it was that sore), so I curled up on my bed. Nate came by briefly to drop off some stuff I'd left at his, and tell me about what sounded like a great weekend at Daisen, and then I had a shower, and went to bed by 9pm. Slept like a log. And hurt all over today. Sure sign of good times!

Want to write more, but have a class to prepare (a Monday class, people!!). Will write more later in the week. Oh, check out the Lost Kids in rehearsal, and Dave on the slopes.

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