Thursday, July 21, 2005

Back in Action 2

Haha! It worked! The picture is me and my mate El (funnily enough) at the annual Sayonara Party, about 2 weeks ago. It was the first nice picture I came across on my hard drive, so it got posted.

That Sayonara party was ok. But we got mauled my mozzies. TOTALLY. Little buggers. I got to school the next day, the staff took one look at me, and I was sent straight to the clinic for some stroid cream. That did nothing to relieve the itch, the only thing that prevented me from scratching my skin right off was a tube of Aloe Vera gel that Janice left me with. Stick that greenm gunge in the fridge and et voila! You have a nice cooling gel which lets you get to sleep.

Hmm, can I do a picture of the mozzie bites? Reckon I can... You really can't see the extent of the damage, but I looked really bad, and probably scared small children as I walked past them in the street. Ok, I'm off to tinker with the layout of this site a bit more, and then maybe I can tell people about it, so it's not such a ruddy embarrasment. :(

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